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Project Medishare Saves Lives and Provides Hope for Haiti’s Future

Project Medishare is dedicated to providing comprehensive health and development services and building capacity in Haiti. Project Medishare’s work saves lives and forms the foundation upon which larger social change is built.

The organization treats more than 180,000 people annually and operates:

  • The country’s only critical care and trauma hospital;
  • The only Newborn and Pediatric Intensive Care Units for the sickest premature infants and children;
  • Multiple rural community health clinics;
  • A major cholera treatment facility; and
  • The nation’s most advanced prosthetics facility.

Project Medishare also mobilized the first medical team on the ground in Haiti just 12 hours after the devastating 2010 earthquake. Learn more about who we are and how you can help.

Learn How You Can Help

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Why Donate

Dirty water and malnutrition remain the leading causes of death in Haiti. Access to health care and development services are limited at best. There are very few health or development services in rural areas, and an insufficient number of hospitals in the capital city to handle the high volume of patients who are critically ill and injured. Easily treatable diseases deform and disable children.  Without basic health care, all other social improvement efforts in the country falter.

Everyone has a right to health and we work to help build the capacity of the Haiti's health system to move the country toward a goal of health services for all.

For as little as $5, you can save lives -- and provide hope.  That's the cost of a bag of saline that cures a cholera victim. Just $10 pays for health care for a child for a whole year. Larger donations provide lifesaving surgeries, clean water and more.  Help us today.

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