School Health Program

School Health Program Prevents Disease, Death for Thousands of Children

Project Medishare’s School Based Health Center Program reaches over 24,000 school children each year — children who would normally have no access to health care and suffer in silence from the serious affects of internal parasites, malnutrition and disease.

Project Medishare’s mobile team of doctors and nurses visit over 120 schools in the Central Plateau each year to provide:

  • A physical exam;
  • Vision and hearing screening;
  • Treatment for anemia;
  • De-worming medication; and
  • Hospital referrals for children with more severe illnesses.

How You Can Help

Protect a Child from Worms for $10

Just $10 worth of de-worming medication can not only rid a child of internal parasites, but prevent death and serious physical and mental disabilities related to malnutrition. Healthy children become healthy adults, who are in turn better able to provide for their own families. Be part of the sustainable cycle of change.

Protect a child from worms”

Ounce of Prevention Equals a Pound of Cure

Project Medishare’s School Health Program has been a huge success. How can something as simple as administering vitamins and de-worming medication have such profound affects?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), intestinal parasites eat up to 20 percent of a child’s nutritional intake every day. In most cases, ridding a child of these parasitic worms can mean the difference between life and death. Worm infections cause children in Haiti to get very sick.  Affects of parasites include anemia, vitamin deficiencies, a weakened immune system, lethargy and poor physical growth in children. Worms also have longer-term economic effects. Anemia results in poor cognitive and intellectual development and impaired cognitive function.

Vitamin A deficiency during childhood is a major contributor to childhood illness, blindness, and mortality. Vitamin A is essential for the functioning of the immune system and children who lack it are at an increased risk of dying from infectious diseases such as measles, diarrhea, and malaria. Vitamin A supplements can reduce child mortality by over 25 percent. Vitamin A deficiency usually coincides with worm infections, so de-worming medicines are distributed along with vitamin supplements. Worm infections cause a loss of micronutrients and can impede the absorption of vitamin A, contributing to stunted growth, anemia, and low cognitive performance in school.

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