Orphans and Vulnerable Children

Help for Orphans and Vulnerable Children Affected by HIV/AIDS

Project Medishare currently serves over 300 children infected or affected by HIV/AIDS, as well as their families and caregivers in the community, as part of our Orphans and Vulnerable Children program (OVC). As a part of this program, health services are also provided to the children and adults in the community at a newly renovated clinic in Lahoye that serves a population of over 20,000 people.

The results are not only life saving, but also life-changing. The program goes beyond traditional health care services and also provides:

  1. Education: Full school tuition for the children in the OVC program is paid for and uniforms and supplies to enable the children to attend school are provided.  Tuition for youth attending vocational schools out of the district is also paid;
  2. Economics: The mothers/caregivers are trained with vocational skills and provided with income generating activities so they will be more independent.  The families are given a microfinance loan to start a business, and guided by a Project Medishare Social Worker, they are empowered to make money to feed and care for their families. One such project includes making dolls out of socks that are then sold at the market and on Project Medishare’s website to generate funds to continue to support this program and their children;
  3. Psychosocial: Psychosocial support is provided to the children and their caregivers with access to trained mental health professionals. Project Medishare has also organized an HIV support group in the community which provides the members with psychosocial support to improve their self image, self confidence, destroy the stigma against infected individuals, and encourage income generating activities;
  4. Peer Education: Project Medishare trained 25 core members of the youth in the community as peer education leaders to spread the message of anti stigmatization and discrimination as it relates to HIV/AIDS.  They also do community outreach on the importance of safe sex and STD/HIV transmission; and
  5. Protection: Project Medishare works with the local government in order to identify children without birth certificates and facilitate the process for the family.  Many Haitian families cannot afford documentation, which is an important protection for orphans and at-risk youth to prevent them from being sold into child slavery.

How You Can Help

Support Children with HIV/AIDS for $20

Project Medishare faces a funding crisis for the orphans and vulnerable children program as the major grant for the program ended in 2011. Despite this challenge, Project Medishare continues to serve these children and families and urge the public to donate today to provide hope for a child affected by HIV/AIDS. Just $100 provides support, including school tuition, uniforms and supplies, birth certificates, and jobs for the parents.

Support a child with HIV/AIDS

  • PEPFAR New Partners Initiative Grant
  • Cross International

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