Medical Training & Education

Medical Training and Education: Long-term Solution to Healthcare Crisis

International organizations have been donating medical aid and making mission trips to Haiti for decades. Yet the country’s health care crisis remains virtually unchanged. Why?

The answer is simple: The Haitian people have long faced a lack of available education and advanced training to become the doctors, nurses and medical technicians needed in a self-sufficient, sustainable health care system.  After the earthquake, this lack of education has become even more prevalent due to the collapse of several of Haiti’s medical schools.

Thus, the major goal of this program is to provide a safe and functional environment that would increase the knowledge of Haitian healthcare professionals and to utilize the "Train the Trainers" principle so that these trainees can serve as mentors to future generations of Haitian healthcare leaders.

At Hospital Bernard Mevs Project Medishare, 42 Haitian nurses and16 Haitian physicians have already been employed and about 150 Haitian support staff have begun their apprenticeship. Over the last 18 months, these Haitian staff workers have shown incredible improvement from hands-on training and mentorship by volunteers. The program incorporates didactic sessions as well as on-the-job and bedside patient care management skills training. This is also the site for Haitian medical residents, medical students and nursing students to do their clinical internships. There are over 30 students at the hospital in any given semester.

To expand this program, ground has been broken on a training and education center attached to the hospital. With 3 floors and 11,000 square feet, the center will include 30 critical beds, 4 large patient rooms to be used to increase the medical/surgical capacity, 3 large classrooms, a simulation lab for critical care training, a logistics office, a telemedicine program office, and an auditorium that can hold about 120 people.

How You Can Help

Volunteer at Our Hospital

Medical professionals can donate their time to volunteer at the hospital for a week or more, simultaneously providing life-saving care to trauma patients, vital training to Haitian medical professionals, and a once-in-a-lifetime, professional development experience for themselves.  Everyone who volunteers comes back with the same feeling, that it was the most gratifying experience of his or her life.

Not a medical professional? The new education center has broken ground, but Project Medishare still needs donations to complete its construction and continue the life-saving work done daily at the hospital.


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