Akamil Nutritional Complex

Akamil Nutritional Complex Reduces Hunger, Creates Jobs

Haiti’s Central Plateau has the highest malnutrition rate in the country. However, Project Medishare’s Akamil Production Facility is helping reverse these tragic statistics by reducing hunger and creating jobs.

Project Medishare’s production facility in Thomonde manufactures and distributes Akamil. Akamil is a mix of locally grown products, such as grains and vegetables, blended into powder. Fortified with vitamins and minerals to combat the most prevalent deficiencies and diseases, Akamil is a product of great nutritious value that will help to eradicate malnutrition for Haiti’s most vulnerable populations including young children, pregnant women and HIV/AIDS patients.

Akamil not only provides a source of nutrients for the people who need it most, but also provides a source of local economic development. About 3,000 community farmers will sell their crops to the facility, thereby allowing them to transition from subsistence farming to cash-crop farming. Project Medishare is actively working with the farmers associations and groups in the area to provide them with technical support, training, tools and seeds so that they can increase their crop yields to cover this newly increased demand for their product.

Akamil will also provide entrepreneurial opportunities for women, many of whom are heads of their households, and to HIV/AIDS patients so that they can create a microenterprise to support their families.

How You Can Help

Give Lunch for a Year for $15

Donate now to provide meals for starving children to end hunger and create jobs for women and local farmers. Just $15 will pay for a child’s school lunch for an entire year

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Program History and Expansion

The Akamil factory is complete and slated to open in the Fall of 2011. The goal is to implement a model that will allow the factory to be self-sustaining within two years of the opening.

The overreaching goal of the program is to improve the nutritional status of:

  • Children under 5;
  • Pregnant or lactating women; and
  • The chronically ill (HIV/AIDS/TB).

Project Medishare also has begun construction on a Nutrition and Training Center adjoining the Akamil Facility.

This Center will help provide proper nutrition for women and children who suffer from the worst malnutrition statistics in our Western Hemisphere. It will also provide a place to train new and current health agents. Project Medishare currently employs over 100 health agents who provide the only access to health care available to the community’s 100,000 residents. The Training Center will include several dormitories capable of providing lodging to the over 500 yearly visiting doctors, nurses and medical students.

Key Partners
  • Max Corporation
  • Bergfors Family
  • Caporelli Family
  • CDC
  • Rotary International, District 6990, South Florida & Grand Bahama Island
  • DSM
  • Cross International
  • Coral Gables Congregational Church

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