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Community Health Care for Rural Haiti: Providing Access, Hope

Rural Haiti is home to some of the country’s most impoverished people, who have little-to-no access to basic health care, hospitals, prenatal care, clean water or sanitation systems. One in every 5 children dies before reaching the age of 5.

In 2003, Medishare started a community health program in Thomonde, with the goal of fighting such horrible senseless statistics. In 2008, Medishare expanded its efforts beyond Thomonde to include the area of Marmont, with a focus on health, agriculture and education.

Today, Project Medishare continues to reach over 100,000 people in rural Haiti and prevent hundreds of needless deaths each year.

Project Medishare employs a local staff of over 100 Haitian doctors, nurses, LPN’s, health agents, and support staff in this program to provide health care services. This includes constructing and now managing the Haitian Ministry of Health public clinic in Casse (Lahoye) and conducting community health and development programs with:

  • Mobile clinics;
  • Home visits;
  • Community meetings;
  • Rally posts;
  • Vaccinations; and
  • Nutritional monitoring, including providing oral rehydration solution, anti-worm medication, vitamin A, and iron tablets.

Other Community Programs:

How You Can Help

Sponsor Healthcare for $10

It costs less than $10 per person per year to provide comprehensive birth to death healthcare services to over 100,000 people in our catchment area in the Central Plateau.

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Real Results for Rural Haiti

About 80 percent of the local population now accesses Project Medishare’s services. Between 2003- 2011, the Project Medishare team has achieved the following remarkable results:

  • Increased immunization rates in infants from less than 10% to 86%;
  • Provided over 12,000 home visits and held over 830 “rally posts,” where children were monitored for signs of malnutrition and received vaccinations;
  • Increased the number of pre-natal visits for pregnant women from no pre-natal visits to an average of 3 visits for each woman;
  • Administered oral re-hydration solution to 8,298 children with infantile diarrhea, and provided treatment for worms to 7,865 children;
  • Decreased mortality among the population from 698 deaths in the first year of the to 483 in the third year;
  • Renovated the Ministry of Health clinic in Marmont, expanding our services to more than 85,000 people pre-earthquake, before the population increased; and
  • Completed construction of the Maternal Health Center in Marmont, thanks to the Greig Family, and have begun to provide pre and post natal services.

Key Partners
  • PIH/Zanmi Lasante
  • MSH
  • US AID
  • MSPP

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