Amputee Rehabilitation Program

Amputee Rehabilitation Program Restores Mobility, Hope

After the 2010 earthquake, victims were trapped for days under fallen rubble. Injury and infection forced thousands of amputations.

Traditionally, losing a limb in Haiti – with its near-total lack of accessibility or care for people who are disabled – has meant not only loss of mobility, but extreme social stigma and inability to work: essentially, the inability to provide one’s family with food, shelter and a sustainable future.

Project Medishare offers hope for this new generation of amputees with a comprehensive Amputee Rehabilitation Program. To date the program has:

  • Fitted more than 300 amputees with prosthetic limbs;
  • Established a comprehensive “injury to ability” program, providing surgical care, wound care, rehabilitation, education, and more;
  • Created a state-of-the-art prosthetic lab with the unique ability to locally produce feet, knee and liner components (creating local jobs in the process);
  • Hired amputee patients to train as prosthetic technicians, to mentor fellow patients and to work in the lab making limbs for other amputees;
  • Opened mobile clinics to provide care to all corners of Haiti; and
  • Nurtured an amazing, return-to-sport amputee soccer program that has generated worldwide media attention while offering camaraderie and reassurance for its members.

Project Medishare is also in the process of training prosthetic, physical therapy and wound care technicians to help expand the network of care providers in Haiti.

How You Can Help

Help a Child Walk Again

$800 pays for a new leg for a child who lost a limb in the 2010 earthquake. $300 pays for a wheel chair. Smaller donations support related amputee patient care.

Project Medishare’s Amputee Rehabilitation Program allows supporters the opportunity to donate directly to a patient’s individual cause. Through this site supporters can sponsor a leg, below-knee or above-knee, simply by donating through PayPal.  Once you have sponsored an amputee patient, you will be sent pictures of the leg, the therapy and the patient whose life has been changed forever by your incredible gift.

Donate now to an Amputee

Click here to view our database of current patients waiting to be fitted with a prosthetic. Here you can choose a patient to support and sponsor their entire course of medical care, which includes:

  • Evaluation and treatment by our Certified Orthotist Prosthetist;
  • The most appropriate and functional prosthetic limb, including all parts and fabrication costs; and
  • Evaluation and treatment by a licensed Physical Therapist.

Amputee Program Background

Project Medishare is operating a Amputee Rehabilitation Program at Hospital Bernard Mevs Project Medishare in Port-au-Prince to not only fit Haiti’s amputees with prosthetic limbs, but also to provide rehabilitation.

The rehabilitation team at Hospital Bernard Mevs Project Medishare consists of two full-time physical therapists and a certified Prosthetist Orthotist with over 20 years of experience working with amputees in developing countries. The mission is to treat every Haitian amputee with the most skilled and compassionate care, along with the most appropriate and sustainable, yet advanced, prosthetic system.

As part of Project Medishare’s Amputee Rehabilitation Program, the certified Prosthetist Orthotist is also training two locals to become prosthetic technicians.

In August of 2010, the Knights of Columbus, committed to providing prosthetic limbs and therapy over the next two years for approximately 800 children who lost an arm or leg in the earthquake. The estimated cost of providing the prosthetic limbs and therapy is $1 million. This contribution will not only see to it that these children will be provided limbs, but also ensures that they will be provided with up to three fittings per year to accommodate them as they grow.

Since the Knights of Columbus’ generous grant provides care for children, Project Medishare continually relies on individual donations to fund prosthetic limbs and rehabilitation for adult amputee patients, and these adult patients are listed on the sponsorship site here.

  • Knights of Columbus
  • Ossur International
  • OK Prosthetics
  • Challenged Athletes Foundation
  • Evolution Liners
  • LEGS/Le Tourneau University
  • Southwest Airlines

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