Agriculture Program

Agriculture Program Promotes Nutrition, Jobs

Sustainable agriculture is a necessary component to providing and improving community healthcare. It will also help stimulate the local economy. As part of Project Medishare’s Integrated Community Development Program, the agricultural team has been successful in working with community farmers in Thomonde and Marmont to promote sustainable farming practices in the area.

In May 2008, Earth Boxes donated to Project Medishare by the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO) began as an effort to begin an alternative growing program for the elderly, sick, and handicapped, as well as children and adolescents. A proven experiment, the program has expanded from the trial garden to the clinic in Marmont so patients can see the possibilities of alternative gardening and begin to make important connections between nutrition and good health.

Project Medishare continuously provides training to local farmers and women at the trial farm and in the community. Five vegetable nurseries have been established in the nearby communities of Cadichon, Savane Moise, Calabate and Savane Longue. The agricultural team brought the importance of proper nutrition home by training women in food processing and home economics.

Last year, IDEJEN (Young Idea), a group of 25 adolescents, were included in the community expansion of the Earth Box experience. IDEJEN continues to assist Project Medishare’s agriculture team by receiving hands-on training with 25 Earth Boxes. With the success of the Earth Box experience, plans will continue to involve Haiti’s youth by implementing the program in five schools in Thomonde and Marmont in order to establish and promote positive links between good health and agricultural production.

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